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Heirloom Silver White Garlic



A favorite in Garlic Braids! This softneck variety stores the longest of other silverskins at around 9 months. This is a complexly-flavored garlic that is described as having an earthy -richness taste that is almost mellow up the first 20 seconds of eating-but not for long! Then the robust heat intensifies whether it is served raw or cooked. This a favorite garlic for soups and stews. It is an amazing addition to: Asian, Tai or Indian cuisine.The bulbs are a shimmery white with a pliable neck. This garlic averages about 16-20 medium to small cloves per head. Sold by the pound, half-pound or by the bulb. Non-GMO.

For larger quantities please call us directly at 330-329-2880 for discounted rates and shipping.

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