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Heirloom Nootka Rose



Nootka Rose is an heirloom softneck Silverskin from the San Juan islands of Washington State. It has a bold, rich flavor with a smooth finish. This is very aromatic when used in cooking. This bulb boasts beauty and flavor. We love to use this when we want a spicy garlic flavor on a stronger piece of fish, a gamier-meat or stir-frys. Excellent in Tai, Asian or Indian cuisine. Cloves are streaked in blush pink on a mohaogany background. Visually appealing in centerpieces and a favorite in garlic braids. 11-18 medium to large sized cloves per bulb. Stores up to 9 months. Ships in the Fall. Currently only sold by the bulb. Non-Gmo. Actual shipping options will be emailed and is due prior to shipping.

Please contact us directly for info on larger quantites, discounted pricing and shipping 330-329-2880.

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