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Heirloom Romanian Red


This beauty is in a class all it's own... this member of the porcelain family boasts spicy, pungent heat with a nutty aftertaste. This specialty garlic is amazing in Asian and Mexican dishes and adds a nice "bang" to your homemade bbq sauces and marinades. It pairs very well and is complimentary to fresh ginger. Romanian Red is a favorite in any pickling and relish recipes as well. This variety is very aromatic raw as well as cooked. It is our HOTTEST garlic. Most growers toute this is th ehottest garlic we have in the U.S. Can also be roasted but keeps it's pungency. These huge heads do vary in color from white to tiny red-streaked wrappers. Each head boasts 4-5 large cloves and can have the same in smaller sized-cloves. Stores for 8-9 months. Mid-summer harvest. Shipped Fall/Winter. Non-GMO. Actual shipping options will be emailed prior to shipping.

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