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Heirloom Black Garlic Bulbs



Garlic itself is touted to have positive effects on over 150 different diseases due to its very-powerful and natural phytochemicals. It is well-documented to reduce inflammation, boost immune function , boosts cardiovascular health and is toxic to 14 types of cancer. One of garlic's compounds is allicin-a sulfur-rich compound that is likely the most powerful weapon against bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. Black Garlic has recently been discovered to contain TWICE the antioxident punch of fresh garlic due to the extensive aging and curing process. We liken the flavor to a garlic balsamic paste. Great on crackers, toast or fish. 

Whole heirloom hardneck bulbs are naturally fermented for up to 60-days to produce our specific black garlic. Due to the extensive process-we sell our black garlic by the bulb 3-pack. We run a 2-3 week cycle on fermentation. Please allow this time to fill the order. We will notify you when we will be shipping, so you know when to expect. Most refridgerate after receiving to extend the life of the garlic. All natural and Non-Gmo.

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