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Certified Organic Chef's Garlic Culinary pack-ONE POUND, up to 2 varieties


Please specify varietal-can curate up to 2 varieties making 1 pound in total


Music-Medium Robust-sweetens when roasted

Shvelisi/Turkish- Medium Garlic-true garlic flavor 

Roots Buckeye Red- Earthy Heirloom with earthy heat

German White-Medium Robust-gets semi-sweet when roasted-sold out

Inchelium Red- Medium Hot-most versatile and one of the longest shelf-lives-sold out

Romanian Red- Hottest hardneck in the U.S-HOTTTTTTTT

Georgian Fire, Georgian Crystal, Nootka Rose, Silver White ALL SOLD OUT

Can pick up to 2 varieites for this option!

If you would like a culinary sampler pack with more choices instead-please note that we have a listing specifically for that-6 of our most popular varietals, that are all individually labeled

Please specify what varietal for your 1 pound

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